Scuorn – Parthenope | De Luxe Box Edition


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– Rigid Box
– 2cd digibook 20 pages with “orchestral version” bonus cd
– handpicked vulcano Vesuvius stones in velvet pouch bag
– signature 1mm guitar pick
– postcard signed by Giulian

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Product Description

“Neapolitan song” has inherently influenced much of the popular and folk italian music and it’s worldwide renowned for its expressive and communicative power.
Its origins date back to the XIII century and over the centuries has come down to us, keeping unchanged its attractiveness.

SCOURN (which means “shame” in Neapolitan language) was founded in Naples in 2008 by Giulian (Vocals, All Instruments & Orchestral Arrangements) properly to worship the cult of Parthenope by revealing the most ancient legends and history of the mysterious Neapolitan lands, known over the centuries for their hellenic and roman origins and for being fervent cradle of the Italian culture.

After signing in middle 2016 a two-albums deal with Dusktone, in Ferbruary 2017 SCOURN released the much-anticipated debut album “Parthenope”, recorded mixed and mastered at the world-acclaimed 16th Cellar Studio in Rome in 2016 by the producer Stefano “Saul” Morabito (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, HOUR OF PENANCE).

Very special guest on the album is the “maestro” Riccardo Studer (from Italian extreme epic metal pioneers STORMLORD) who shaped an impressive orchestra for this incredible debut album. The concept album is focused on the most ancient greek-roman origins of Naples, and each song is related to a specific legend from those times, such as the 79 a.d. volcano Vesuvio’s eruption who destroyed Pompeii and many others.

Riccardo Studer commented the orchestral bonus CD version : ” “The orchestral scoring for this album was a long and intense process, but extremely rewarding. Giulian and I worked out how the music should sound to create the right atmospheres and setting according to Parthenope’s concept and lyrics. The result was a truly massive and majestic orchestral texture, with full instrumental ensemble and the addition of the parthenopean traditional folk instruments, the band’s unique trademark. It was a really exciting challenge, brace yourselves …”

The epic black metal atmospheres, strongly influenced by the world famous “canzone napoletana”, and the sound of traditional folk instruments melt with majestic orchestrals and evocative lyrics in native language, express the concept of the band at its best.

All the emotional charge of such profound culture finds full expression in this SCUORN’ debut album and track after track will lead you on an epic journey through dreams, successes, struggles and failures of mankind.

Deities that rise above the evil to be as bad to be reason for living, explosion of the volcano as a desire for purification, terrible visions with Father Virgil and Mago as painted veil from its shroud issues the will of hades: all of you have to die and you have to listen to the resurrection through the flames of the sacred “O Vesuvio”. Burn and live forever.

Download Info Sheet : PDF

Tracklist :

1. Cenner’ e Fummo
2. Fra Ciel’ e Terr’
3. Virgilio Mago
4. Tarantella Nera
5. Sanghe Amaro
6. Averno
7. Sibilla Cumana
8. Sepeithos
9. Parthenope
10. Megaride

Bonus Orchestral CD

11. Cenner’ e Fummo (Orchestral Version)
12. Fra Ciel’ e Terr’ (Orchestral Version)
13. Virgilio Mago (Orchestral Version)
14. Tarantella Nera (Orchestral Version)
15. Sanghe Amaro (Orchestral Version)
16. Averno (Orchestral Version)
17. Sibilla Cumana (Orchestral Version)
18. Sepeithos (Orchestral Version)
19. Parthenope (Orchestral Version)
20. Megaride (Orchestral Version)

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