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Transylvania [Protoplazma ; netrelease]
We Are Alone [Kaos Ex Machina ; netrelease]
We Are Alone [Depressive Illusion Records ; tape]
I am a Product [ Le Crépuscule du Soir ; Cd ]

Complete Silence [This Plague Of Dreaming ; netrelease]
Rain [Haze Netlabel ; netrelease]
Please… [Depressive Illusion Records ; tape]
The Music of Erich Zann [ Privileged to Fail Records ; Cd ]

Drown [Witte Dood Records ; 3″ cd-r]
God [Witte Dood Records ; 3″ cd-r]
Voice [Witte Dood Records ; 3” cd-r]

10 Songs for free download – Vol.10: Full Moon Over Noricum
Polish Underground World of Ambient
Bezdna Radio Essentials 008


Fear And Aghast / 21 Gramms – Sick Reality Is Immersed In A Void Of Time

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