Dusktone is a music label /publishing organisation based in Europa. Dusktone label is recording, producing and releasing music company and its goal is to become a qualitative and professional platform for the most interesting artists in the deepest side of the bleakly and gloomy music expression. Label’ world and music vision has no limits and they definitively want to push the existing music parameters into wider dimensions. The main Dusktone aim is to put care into each release, giving it the best possible design and packaging and for this aspect greytone is releasing professionally manufactured Cds (No CD-r) and Vinyls only.

Dusktone will mainly concentrate the label’ efforts in physical products as they believe in the true breath that physical products could donate to the listeners, but they do not want to exclude completely the people who want to obtain music in digital download, so most of Dusktone releases will be also available in high quality digital format.

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Here you could find a list of areas where you can buy Dusktone releases and where we’re covered by distribution.
If you don’t see your area listed right now, you can of course get Dusktone releases directly from us.

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Dusktone catalogue is available in the follwing countries :
Argentina | Australia | Austria | Brasil | Canada | China | Czech Republic | Equador | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Lithuania | Mexico | Poland | Portugal | Russia | Serbia | Slovakia | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Uk | Ukraine | U.S.A. |