Phobonoid new album cooking…

Distant flames, overlapping in the cloud of time.
The Alpha Centauri army moves towards the Solar System. The target: the Earth (or what is left of it). The will to power darkens the smell of putrefaction. The Satellites Alliance must defend its territory, Phobos will have to embrace his weapons again.
Winning today to get lost tomorrow. Does it really matter?
Under the pall of mummified bodies lies the answer.

Master is done and it sounds good, really good.
Meanwhile you can enjoy the original cover done by the great sci-fi artist Bob Layzell and you can listen to the first transmission here.

The whole album has been recorded and mixed by Phobonoid during winter 2014, and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén in May 2015.

More news soon!

Cheers from Phobos


  • Phobonoid new album cooking…