• Grisâtre new album announced !

    Grisâtre new album announced !

    Paroxystique is the title of the third long awaited album of Grisâtre. Expect a even more obscure and somber tunnel of...
  • Release schedule spring-summer 2014

    Release schedule spring-summer 2014

    Dusktone release schedule spring-summer 2014 . (dusk017cd) COLD BODY RADIATION “A Clear Path” digipack CD | digital . (dusk018cd) TRÜBE “Zone of...
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Opera IX sign to Dusktone

Opera IX sign to Dusktone
Dusktone is very proud to announce the signing of a two album deal with italian occult pagan black metal veterans OPERA IX. The release of eagerly awaited seventh full-length album “Back to Sepulcro” is coming closer.

Since 10th January, OPERA IX has entered in studio for the obscure recording of a new chapter composed of old litanies… And finally back after 13 years, a female voice in the coven : Abigail Dianaria is the new female singer, a Witch !

The descent into the Sepulcro has begun!

Stay tuned for more infos, details and audio samples.

This autumn is so cold…

This autumn is so cold…

Dusktone three new releases in stock now and ready to ship !

(Dusk019CD) GRISATRE “Paroxystique” digipack CD | Digital – info & Audio | Buy now
(Dusk020CD) ACROSOME “Non-pourable lines” CD | Digital – info & Audio | Buy now
(Dusk021CD) ENISUM “Samoht Nara” digipack CD | Digital –
info & Audio | Buy now

These albums are a unrelenting pieces of work, and all the better for them. Let they sink in and prepare to have your mind prized open, you won’t regret it

New signing : ENISUM

New signing : ENISUM
Enisum is a one man band founded by Lys in 2006. It’s the first Arpitanian black metal band from Valle di Susa e Val di Lanzo lands. Project name comes from Musinè mountain in Val di Susa.

After some self released and demo productions, “Samoht Nara” will the the debut anticipated pro full length album on Dusktone, coming in a wonderful digipack CD this summer…

Songs talks about landscapes, cohabitation between man and nature, the music is deeply inspired by Cascadian black metal bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, Alda… At times you might get the feeling that this is music being piped through from another time. It is music mercifully free of the tropes that trip us up and the trends that scratch on the grubby windows of the music scene. ‘Samoht Nara’ is music dedicated to the natural and listening to it feels like a rare, beautiful privilege. There is little more that can be said than that.

(Dusk021) ENISUM “Samoht Nara” Digipack CD | Digital Download

Further infos & audio samples very soon…

TRÜBE | Zone of Alienation | debut album

TRÜBE | Zone of Alienation | debut album

”Zone of Alienation” is the result of the deep interest for the Chernobyl theme that the soul behind Trübe has developed in years and it’s a suffocating collision of Black Metal, alienating ambient, distressing rhythms, and a mental catharsis for melody leaving the listener with a sense of unforgettable originality.

Debut album available on April 2014, Jewel case CD | download.
Info, audio samples & contamination : here

Buy CD | Digital @ Dusktone shop

Cold Body Radiation | a clear path

Cold Body Radiation | a clear path

”A Clear Path” is a deeply personal work of loss, honesty and hope. A new focus on songs structure and personal lyrics. Cut from the roots and stylistic restrains of black metal COLD BODY RADIATION is now free to soar new highs and lows…

Brand new album (digipack CD | digital) on April 2014
Info, Samples and inner growth : here

Buy digipack CD | Digital @ Dusktone shop

Enthroning Silence new album available now !

Enthroning Silence new album available now !
Enthroning Silence is one of the oldest depressive and melancholic black metal band from north of Italy featuring ex members of Mortuary Drape, Bhopal, Eroded, Voids of Vomit.

In 2013 after a long 9/year silence the band finally presented a brand new album featuring completely unreleased six desolate tracks composed and arranged during the past ten years.

“Throned upon ashes of dusk” is about oppression and negativity, it’s a mournful, cruel and nihilistic opus bringing the listener to one of the most hypnotic audio experience of the modern black metal spectrum.

(dusk016CD) ENTHRONING SILENCE “Throned upon ashes of dusk” digipack CD w/8 page booklet
Order your copy @ Koldtunes shop

More details & ebony porn audio samples : here

Phobonoid, a new sensational act…

Phobonoid, a new sensational act…
Phobonoid is a one mand band from Phobos.
With a musical background in the DIY punk/hc/noise/metal scene,  Phobonoid is a musical and cinematic journey through the darkest part of  the extreme sounds, blending black metal, doom, industrial and  electronic sounds from the outer space.
“Orbita” is a concept album about the end of the civilization on Mars, witnessed by Phobos (intended both as the satellite and the impersonification of the God of Fear). The music and the plot move together through the 20 minutes lenght of the EP, where finally Phobos meets his brother Deimos on the destroyed surface of Mars.

This will be just the first part of the journey, as Man’s inner nature never changes: it’s a cycle that always ends up with its own self-destruction.

Audio samples available : here
(dusk015mcd) Phobonoid “Orbita” miniCD w/8page booklet

Order your copy now @ Koldtunes Shop !

NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR new full length CD | OUT NOW !

NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR new full length CD | OUT NOW !

NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR – Natura Mortis Sonoris | 2013 | CD jewel case

“Natura Mortis Sonoris” is a 2006-2013 compilation of Neige et Noirceur deathcraft.
15 rare tracks already appeared on demos, sold out albums, Cdr
These pieces of music are quite different from the originals and definitively have to be known.

Check out audio samples and infos : here

Order your physical copy today @ Koldtunes online shop : here

Welter In Thy Blood | new album OUT NOW !

Welter In Thy Blood | new album OUT NOW !


The drive towards death, self-destruction and the return to the inorganic.

Welter In Thy Blood is a three piece Black Doom band from Los Angeles, California emerging in 2006 with the intent of supplying a soundtrack for human extinction. The elegies speak of their virulent hate of human existence and the lauding of death and solitude. Revealed through a staggering funeral cadence and guttural ululations is a feeling of absolute torment and despondency. Like a putrid mass for an unholy God.

Welter In Thy Blood musically coalesced self mutilation and misanthropy with the urge for all human extinction. Kill yourself and those you love.

This incredible release will see full release on summer 2013 on Dusktone as deluxe 6page digipack CD.
Taste music samples here.

Order your physical copy today @ Koldtunes online shop : Here

Cold Body Radiation – 7″ ep vinyl | available now !

Cold Body Radiation – 7″ ep vinyl | available now !


Cold Body Radiation pervasive melancholic sound structures are the marriage between trascendence and power of nature.

The two-track vinyl is about the death of the summer, when the light changes and the shadows become very long…

This amazing release is presented as 7” ep hard vinyl limited to 500 copies featuring exclusive brand new compositions for your inner conceptual meditation.

Taste audio samples : here
Order your physical copy today @ Koldtunes online shop : here
Download  the audio files (Lossless quality) : here